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My Animal:  Binturong or sometimes called the Asian bear cat. Scientific name: Arcticts binturong           
Habitat: The binturong lives in the dense forests of Asia.
Description of my animal: It has thick black fur, long muscular tail, and long stiff white whiskers. They grow about 5ft. long in captivity and they live about 30 years. they smell like popcorn and/fritos
My animal eats: Small animals and fruit  
Interesting facts about my animal: They are nocturnal. They use scent marks to communicate with other binturongs and they weigh 9-14 kg. They can be found in Europe, southern Asia, East Indies, Africa, and Madigasgar Binturongs have been sometimes kept as pets. The fur is long and their coarse ears have long hairs on the back of the ears.  They have five toes on each foot. They have been known to follow their human like a dog.


Learn More About Binturong

One day a young kitten named Lakeetah was looking for her grandfather when she saw him looking into the water talking to their ancestors.  She went over to him and said,"Stop talking to yourself and come play with me!”  Her grandfather looked at her and said,"I am paying respect to our family’s ancestors and you should to.”  Lakeetah looked puzzled and said,"I will not be foolish and talk to dead family members.  I have better things to do than that.”  Her grandfather looked disappointed and turned to head back to their house and left Lakeetah at the lake all by herself.  She sat down to preen herself when something splashed her.  She looked up and saw a binturong.  He was very big.  “Hello niece.”  She looked puzzled. "How can you be my uncle?  You look nothing like me!  I am a cat and you’re an it!”  “I am a binturong, part cat and bear.  That is how I am your uncle binturong.”  Lakeetah was shocked.  She just couldn’t believe it.  Uncle binturong could tell by the look on her face and said, “I can tell you a story about your ancestors and how I am your uncle.”
Lakeetah was all ears.  “It all began with a young and beautiful cat named Sandra.  She saw her grandfather talking to their ancestors.  She said,"Stop your foolishness, you’re embarrassing me!”   Lakeetah interrupted, “That sounds like me.”  Oh really?  Well after that Sandra went by a bush during the night when all of a sudden she knew she was lost.  “I can’t see, it’s too dark!”  “Open your eyes wider.  Then you can see better,”  said a strange voice.  She obeyed the command and it worked.  Sandra saw the bear.  “Who are you?”  “I am Paul the bear.  I will help you find your way in the dark.”
Sandra spent the whole night with Paul.  Paul showed her many wonders of the night, but she missed her day home.  So she went to go visit her grandfather.  She found him by a bush looking at the clouds.  “Psst, pssst.”  “Grand daughter?  Is that you?  I was looking for you, where have you been?”  “I was with Paul the bear, he is really nice.  If I want to come back home, but I would have to give up my night home.  It’s so hard to chose from.  both homes are beautiful but I have to chose one. I will go back and see what Paul wants to do.”  So Sandra went back.  When she went back Paul had something to tell her too.  “Paul, I need to talk to you.”  “I do too.”  Paul interrupted, “Will you marry me?”
Sandra was shocked.  She didn’t know what to say.  She thought about it and said yes.  Not long after, they had little ones and they were called the Asian bear cat or binturongs.

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