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My Animal:  Northern Spotted Owl
Habitat: These owls live in Western North America.  They like moist, coniferous, wooded, temperate rain forest.
Description of my animal: These owls can get 17-19 inches long.  They have wings & black feathers. They are brown with buff colored spots, the under parts are whitish. The owl's chest also has some brown color in it.

My animal eats: The owls hunt and eat rodents, insects, frogs, birds, small owls, hares, squirrels, mice, and toads.

Interesting facts about my animal:  Their habitat is being destroyed by logging.  Their wing span can be up to three feet.  The biggest problem for these owls is that they are losing their habitat.


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The Owl Who Didn't Listen

    Once there lived a owl who lived in Western North America in the wooded, temperate rain forest. There was a mom, her name was Owlet. Daddy's name was Pinky Owl because he always tried to do everything with one finger. Fearlet and Fearless were the two daughters. The son's name is Smarlet. Smarlet was always in trouble and Fearless and Fearlet tried to help him, but he didn’t always listen. Mrs. Owlet told Smarlet to go get mice, hares, toads, squirrels and rodents. She told him to watch out for BIG snakes and humans, those were their worst enemies. So he said, “ Okay.” He came back with all the food and didn’t get into any trouble.
             She told him that he could go outside and play with his friends but he had to stay out of trouble. Of course he said, “Okay.” Then Pinky, his dad came out and asked him why he was being mean to his sisters Fearlet and Fearless. He said, “he didn’t  know.” So of course Pinky got mad and sent him in the house, which is actually a tree. He got grounded for a month. He could only come outside to eat.  Now the daughters had to go hunt with their father.   There was a special big hunting day and Smarlet had been looking forward to this day since he was three years old.  He could not hunt on this special day because he was grounded.  He was furious.  His parents had started to let him come out of his tree to clean, but that was it! He didn’t want to clean the house. So he sat in his room all day. The next day,  Mrs. Owlet and Mr. Pinky had a talk to Smarlet about his behavior and he said he wouldn't do it again.  The parents agreed to unground Smarlet but he had to clean his room first. He was finally done cleaning his room, now he could go outside. When he went outside, his dad said he would have to keep his room clean and listen all the time and Smarlet said he would.  Finally, Smarlet got to go hunting. His dreams were coming true. Little did he know that Mom, Fearlet and Fearless were all going to the movies and Smarlet loved the movies.  Dad got home and they left to go hunting.  They all got home at the same time.  Smarlet said, "Where did you go?” They told him that they had went to the movies.  Smarlet loved to hunt but he wished he had went to the movies, too.  The next day the  family was watching the news and saw that a baby owl had been kidnapped.  Mrs. Owlet And Mr. Pinky told their little owls to say close by. They all said, “Okay.”   Smarlet did not listen and he wandered off. Fearlet and Fearless called the police and the police soon  found him.  His mom and dad lectured him for wandering off and he promised never to do it again.  Now, when the family goes out and eats icecream they stick together and Smarlet always listens!!!              
                                                            THE END    

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