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Boa Constrictors

Clumsy Feet

Endangered Animal Facts

My Animal:  My animal is the Boa Constrictor.
Habitat: Hot tropical places
Description of my animal:  They are one of the biggest snakes.  They are not poisonous but they are still dangerous.
My animal eats: They can eat birds, small animals and reptiles.  Boas that are bigger can eat monkeys, pig or dear.
Interesting facts about my animal:  Boa constrictor are big.  They are very strong. They use their tongues to smell with. They can be found in trees and on the ground.


Learn More About Boa Constrictors

Clumsy Feet

A long time ago boa constrictors always had lots of feet. They had exactly 8 feet, which made them very clumsy.  There was a clumsy boa constrictor named Bob and he was always tripping over his 8 feet.  There was a race and Red Wolf, Kiwi, and Bob were competing. Great Bear waved the flag and all the animals were off.   Kiwi and Red Wolf were doing great, but Bob got far behind. He kept getting his 8 feet tangled. He sat down and cried so hard he made a river. Mako shark, who was magical, suddenly appeared.  “I will grant you one wish,’’ he said.  Bob wondered for a minute, then he said, “I wish my 8 legs where gone.’’  POOF! They were gone.  Then Bob started on the race again.  he slithered so fast he caught up with Kiwi and Red Wolf.  Bob slithered up a tree and swung from a vine.  He jumped across the finish line and won the race.  Now he is was really fast and not clumsy!

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