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Some Parts of Australia list Koalas as a vulnerable species

Animal Facts

My Animal:  Koala
Habitat: Australia
Description of my animal:  Their ears are small with long shaggy fur.  The fur is light grey to brown with white spots on their necks, chest, and ears.
My animal eats:  They eat eucalyptus leaves.
Interesting facts about my animal:  The koala gets up to two or three feet long.  They can weigh 10-30 pounds.  They have rough pads on their feet and hands.  They use their hands and feet for gripping the trees.They have small eyes and big noses.  Baby koalas live in their mother's pouch for 5-6 months until they are big enough to come out.


Learn More About Koalas

                One day there was a  koala named Kim. She was always getting in trouble. Every night her parents told her to go to bed but all she did was play and make noise. When she finally got some sleep, her parents would wake her up at six in the morning for school. She was always falling asleep in class.  When it was time for a nap, she was up and playing. Then she got put in time-out.  She sat in the time-out chair, but she went ahead and kept on playing with toys and got in more trouble. This time her parents were called and they weren’t that happy with her. She got grounded from going outside for the rest of the day. Her parents took her home.  When she got there, she sat by the window thinking of what to do, and thinking about what she did that day. Then she said to herself  I’m going to change the way I act.  From that day forward she changed the way she was.  Kim the koala now get good grades and she doesnt play around during class.

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