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Grizzly Bear Earns His Claws Bookmark

Endangered Animal Project:  Be the Voice

Endangered Animal Project:  Be the Voice

My Animal:  My Animal is the Grizzly Bear.
: The Grizzly Bear lives in the forest and prairies.
This animal is usually brown and ranges from 450 to 700 pounds. It has very sharp claws. 
The Grizzly Bear is an omnivore. It eats berries, roots, insects and it loves fish. It eats other small mammals and vegetation.  
Interesting facts:
It's claws are as long as a human finger. The Grizzly Bear is very big but can reach  speeds up to 30mph. Even though it is a big animal it can climb trees. It hibernates for three months so it eats a lot before it hibernates.

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How Did The Grizzly Bears Get There Claws  Long ago in the forest  there was a village of bears. The bears hated the magic fairy ruler because she wouldn't grant their one wish.   The bears wished to have claws so they could be better hunters.  The ruler wanted to retire so she didn't have to listen to the bears whine.   So  she thought of a plan to find the most honest bear in the village. She decided to hold a big contest and the whole village had to participate. The magic fairy held a big meeting and the whole village came, just like she had planned. She gave the whole village of bears one flower seed and told them in three months to bring this seed back. Whoever has a flower that is grander then this little daisy will win.  Not only will this person have whatever they wish, but they will also become the new king or queen. The bears thought that the task was going to be easy. Big Bear was a bear that always wanted to become king and here was his big chance. He was the first one to get a seed and he  put it in a pot and watered it as soon as he got home.  A couple of weeks went by and the flower hadn’t sprouted, which worried him.  A month and a half went by and nothing appeared!  He knew the ceremony was only a week away and he had nothing. He thought his dreams were lost. Big Bear didn’t want to go but he knew he had to go to the ceremony. It was ceremony time and he took his empty pot to the palace with tears in his eyes. Sarah asked if everyone had their pots with gorgeous flowers in them. Everyone but Big Bear showed their flowers to the magic fairy. Sarah looked at Big Bear and told him he was the new king.  Everyone was stunned and their mouths were wide open. “He doesn't even have a flower,” one of the shocked bears said. “It's just a pot of dirt,” another angry bear said!  The magic fairy ruler explained to everyone that Big Bear was the winner because he was the only one who did not cheat. I had a plan to find the most honest bear. I fried every last seed so it would not grow.  All of you must have bought or found your own seed because the seed I gave you would not grow.   Big Bear was the only one that did not lie. Therefore, Big Bear is your new king. The Magic Fairy asked  Big Bear what  he would like for his wish.  He said he wanted claws for all of the bears and everyone got claws!  Big Bear was noble and everyone got claws.  He was a very good king and everyone lived happily ever after.

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