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An Educator PerSwayed!

An Educator PerSwayed!

(Definition of Sway found on Merriam Webster at Word Central)

1: the action or an instance of swaying or of being swayed

Ponder the Merriam Webster definition of the word “sway” to explore and investigate the effectiveness and possibilities of an exciting new application and its use in the classroom. The intuitive design created by Microsoft hosts a dynamic interface that easily captures text, images, URL links and video into a format that is unique and has the look and feel of a web page that is organized in one file. The user-friendly interface is a hit amongst educators who strive to incorporate ICT with standards based instruction. Preparing students for a future with technology is a must when it is an integral part of their every day world.  A world that is being “swayed” with technological advancements and access to readily available information through the use of a laptop or a mobile device that easily fits into your pocket is a common thread in society.  It only makes sense that Sway is sweeping through classrooms and gaining notoriety for its simplicity and creative design.  Sway takes your ideas with your selected resources and quickly builds your project with a click of a button, which allows the teacher to focus on content and proven strategies that support student achievement. Sway can yield high results in the classroom when used to implement research proven strategies that encourage parental communication, support learning styles/multiple intelligences, increase student engagement,  promote cooperative learning and opportunities for collaborating/sharing with other educators. 
How do I use Sway in the Classroom... Let's Count to Five

Sway parents with improved communication that is creative and dynamic to support learning in your classroom!

Research supports that achievement can be greatly increased when
 parents become involved and support education at school. 


Sway has simplified my efforts when communicating information to parents of the students that I work with!  Sharing the details of upcoming events that ultimately increase student participation and give parents the information and readily available resources they need to help their child reach his/her potential is ultimately easier with Sway. This project is my first Sway that I created to support students in classrooms across my school district who are participating in a reading competition.  It embeds video, which made it easy for me to include a book trailer featuring Wildfire Run by author Dee Garretson. You can also have links to other websites so parents can have access to information that they need!  Links to Kahoot quizzes were added so that parents could work with their child at home in a fun and engaging way!  Check it out and see how I incorporated video, images, website links, text and tweets!  It looks like it took me hours to create this Sway but it didn't!  

Click on the Image to see my BIG TEN SWAY!

 Sway in the classroom to support student learning styles and multiple intelligences! 

Responding to the unique needs of your students by providing learning opportunities that correlate with student learning strengths can greatly impact achievement.   

 I am discovering that Sway is an innovative technology tool that can be used to differentiate my content and provide instruction that easily supports how the students in my classroom learn.  Sway brings together many types of resources that effectively address the unique needs of the learners in my classroom. Sway is multifaceted and rich with choices that can be tied together and easily shared with students.

Click on the Image to view Robi-Dog Sway!

 Sway in the classroom to engage students and put them in the driver's seat of their own learning!

Research supports that students who are motivated and engaged in learning ultimately achieve more. 

 I have always felt that my students approach technology with a contagious enthusiasm and easily adapt to new tools that are introduced. A learning community that empowers students and offers choices can be an effective learning strategy. My students are more willing to take ownership of their learning and develop their ideas when they have been a part of the process. They know that their ideas matter and that is important to them! Learning looks a little different when you are using this model but when you see students going above and beyond it is game  changer.   When students begin to develop their ability to think critically, you are ready to dive into the organized chaos and further develop the minds of the children you work with!

Come back to view this Sway!

Sway in the classroom to provide opportunity for cooperative learning using the jigsaw strategy

Research supports that learning is social and cooperative learning empowers
students to think critically!

Sway enables students to collaborate and work on the same learning activity.  It lends itself well to cooperative learning and the jigsaw strategy.  This strategy makes all students accountable for their contributions and everyone is accountable for their part to successfully complete the learning activity. Each student or group is an expert on their assigned section and must be able to share their findings with everyone in the group which encourages interdependence,  social interactions, student engagement and a deeper understanding of the big idea or topic.  The students are a team of learners working together for a common goal and you often see students helping each other so that the group can complete the project. 

Click on the Image to view a Sway Template used to Jigsaw a Research Project!

Sway in the classroom provides an effective means to share and collaborate with other educators! 

Research supports that teachers who collaborate and share are
 more likely to be effective and increase student 

The classroom is a busy place and many educators find it nearly impossible to share and collaborate unless time is scheduled during the school day.  Many educators are more than willing to share what they are doing in the classroom and find it beneficial and enjoyable to collaborate with other educators in the pursuit of helping students.  Finding a common time to meet can be a challenging task unless you have time built into your schedule that can be utilized for this purpose.  Sway is easily accessible outside the walls of our classrooms and can be accessed and viewed on many different platforms.  I was excited to build a Sway that I could share with other educators and explain some of the activities that I have been doing when I work with their students. 

Click on the image to see my SHARE SWAY!

Sway includes many choices for sharing and gives me the ability to share information quickly, which let's me focus on my students!  

How can I share my Sway?

Information is accessible in a variety of ways



Who can I share my Sway with?

You choose who sees your Sway