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My Animal: Gray Wolf
Habitat: The gray wolf's habitat is in Alaska, Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin.  
Description of my animal: The gray wolf has strong jaws with sharp teeth.  Adults are about 4 1/2 feet long and weigh 80lbs.  They have thick fur and it is usually gray, brown, tan, black, and white.
My animal eats: The gray wolf eats meat.  
Interesting facts about my animal: The gray wolf can eat up to 20 lbs. at one meal.  The gray wolf eats mostly hoofed animals like elk, deer, moose, sheep, and bison. Wolves can travel up to 30 miles a day.  Gray wolves live in packs with up to 8-35 members.


Learn More About the Wolf

One day long, long ago there was a family of gray wolves.  There was a mom, Sylia, a dad, Domina, a little baby, Consatan, and a girl, Jesmere.  During this time, the gray wolves were threatened by extinction.  The family was living somewhere in Alaska.  It was during winter when the family was running low on food.  There father had been looking for food when his paw got caught in some kind of trap.  When he didn’t come home, Jesmere went out looking for him.  She  found him near a large boulder and helped him out of the trap.  He was badly hurt.  Jesmere had to help him back to the den.  It would take him the rest of the season to regain his strength and for his wound to heal.  The family was stuck in a big decision.  Mother couldn’t go hunting because she had to watch the baby .  They didn’t have enough food to last the winter so it was up to Jesmere to go hunting and find enough food for the family.  Was Jesmere ready to go hunting with only a few lessons from her father and not even being old enough? Jesmere had planned to go hunting tomorrow morning.  As she left, she said goodbye to her mother and father and to little baby Consatan.  It was her very first day of hunting by herself. At first she saw nothing but white snow and evergreen trees growing.  Suddenly she saw a rabbit hopping along the boulder.  She remembered what her father had taught her. Never rush up on the prey. Sneak up until you are as close to it as possible, then leap and chase after it. She snuck up on  the prey and leaped, but she didn’t get it.  She didn’t give up yet. She kept trying until she got it right.  Before the day was over, she had caught three rabbits.  She thought that was enough so she went home.  Her mother had split the three rabbits so everyone would get a piece of meat.  Her mother got one and so did her father. Her baby sister and her had to split one.  Her mother had warned her that sometimes she wouldn’t be as lucky to get enough food for them.  Her mother also warned her that sometimes she would need to kill larger prey for them all to be full.  The next morning wasn’t very good her whole body ached and she felt like she couldn’t go hunting but she had to.  Jesmere decided to go a different way this time to see if she could find something bigger for the whole family so she wouldn’t have to go out the next day.  She saw a heard of some kind of deer. She decided to see if there were any weak members of the group that weren’t very strong.  She only found one.  She waited until she was close enough to get it and to make sure it was far enough away from the group.  When everything was right, she jumped upon it and she killed it.  She was very proud of what she had done.  Then she realized that wasn’t going to be easy to get it back to the den.  She started home, dragging it up the steep hill.  When she finally got there, every muscle in her body hurt.  She couldn’t go the last two yards, so then she howled and howled until somebody came to help her.  Her mother came out to help her.  The family had a very nice meal.  There was still a little left.  Her mother decided to keep it for tomorrow.  Jesmere went to sleep early because she hurt so much.  She could barely crawl into bed.  In the morning, she slept in.  Her mother woke her up.  Jesmere thought she didn’t have to go out today because there was still some meat.  Her mother said that it wasn’t enough to have for dinner and that they needed more.  Jesmere was very angry and wished that her father was well again so he would have to do this.  Then she remembered that he had been doing this everyday without one complaint.  After a week or so her father was back on his feet and able to hunt again.  She planned on getting up every morning to help her father go hunting.  After this experience, Jesmere had a lot more respect for her father and her family.

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