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Student Projects - Endangered Animal Awareness

Endangered Animal Facts

My Animal: Timber Rattlesnake
Habitat: Lives in long grass
Description of my animal: They are poisonous, they eat things head first, they have rattles.
My animal eats: Mouses and and small animals.  Some are big.
Interesting facts about my animal: They have stingers are on their bottems, and they spray out venom.


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The Snake and the Hare

Once upon a time there was a snake and a hare.  They were not friends yet.  The Snake was blind.  The hare came by and said, “How are you today?”  The snake said, “I am doing fine, except I don’t have anyone to play with.”  The hare said, “I will play with you.”  The snake said, “ok.”  So they played.  Another snake came and was making fun of them because a hare and a snake were playing together.  The other snake did not think that was right.  He said, “Who cares who we play with. Mind your bees wax!”    So the other snake went on his way.  They played until their moms called them in for supper.  Then they went to bed.  They had a fun day playing with each other.
The End

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