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Goodwill Towards Men

The purpose of this Tic-Tac-Toe is to provide students activities that develop higher level thought processes and greater understanding of the play, A Christmas Carol.

Directions: Students will complete three activities and make a tic-tac-toe on the grid below. The following activities may be modified to meet the unique needs of your students.

Goodwill Towards Men Tic-Tac-Toe Board


In the beginning Scrooge is a greedy and self-absorbed man. Make a true and false quiz that demonstrates the greedy and selfish behaviors of Scrooge that occurred during the play. Be sure to include an answer key!


During the first part of the play, Scrooge did not have good character. Tiny Tim always likes to be a role model and do the right thing. He has planned an important meeting with Scrooge. Make a short dramatization of what will be discussed during the meeting.


Get a large piece of paper and divide it into fourths. Illustrate four acts of generousity or kindness that you could do at home or at school. Be ready to explain your answers to others. Try out one of your ideas on a family member! How did they react?


Create a chart and record how many times you do something kind or generous in a week. Challenge yourself to do something kind or generous for someone who you don't know!


Compose a story about Tiny Tim and how his life changes as a result of Scrooge's visits from the three ghosts. Make sure that you include an illustration!


Scrooge seems to have changed his ways... Do you think that Scrooge would make a good mayor for the city of London? Write a letter to the citizens of London convincing them why or why not Scrooge would make a good mayor.


Towards the end of the play Scrooge began being generous and kind. How did others react to his generosity? Explain your answer by writing a definition for a generous and kind person.


Pretend that you are a judge living in London. It is your job to write a recommendation letter which will ultimately decide if Scrooge may continue living in the city of London or if he must move. What will you write in your letter?


Create a board game in which Scrooge has to go through a series of events to realize the importance of being generous and kind. Be ready to play the game with others!