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Students read the story Thank You Mam by Langston Hughes. Roger tries to take something that does not belong to him from a woman named Mrs. Jones.   Mrs. Jones is a strong minded woman who believes in doing the right thing. The story reveals that she has made mistakes but has learned from them and has high hopes that Roger will learn from his mistakes as well.  She takes Roger home for dinner and during that time we see Roger turn into a boy that wants to run away to a boy that wants to be trusted.  By the time he leaves her home we have high hopes that he has learned his lesson and will follow the right path.  

BOING Challenge:  Students learned how to create a QR code which is a readable code consisting of black and white squares.  These QR codes can be easily read by a camera on a smartphone.   Each QR code reveals a secret message that is a PowerPoint or Word document that reveals  a secret message for Roger.  Each message was created to give him advice that will guide him down right path so that he can have a successful future.

 Jeremy   Tyler Calvin
Emma  Felipe   Hannah
 Azumi  Issac   Cyleah