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The Snake and the Hare Bookmark

Endangered Animal Facts

My Animal: Timber Rattlesnake
Habitat: Lives in long grass
Description of my animal: They are poisonous, they eat things head first, they have rattles.
My animal eats: Mouses and and small animals.  Some are big.
Interesting facts about my animal: They have stingers are on their bottems, and they spray out venom.


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The Snake and the Hare

Once upon a time there was a snake and a hare.  They were not friends yet.  The Snake was blind.  The hare came by and said, “How are you today?”  The snake said, “I am doing fine, except I don’t have anyone to play with.”  The hare said, “I will play with you.”  The snake said, “ok.”  So they played.  Another snake came and was making fun of them because a hare and a snake were playing together.  The other snake did not think that was right.  He said, “Who cares who we play with. Mind your bees wax!”    So the other snake went on his way.  They played until their moms called them in for supper.  Then they went to bed.  They had a fun day playing with each other.
The End

The Owl Who Didn't Listen Bookmark

Endangered Animal Facts

My Animal:  Northern Spotted Owl
Habitat: These owls live in Western North America.  They like moist, coniferous, wooded, temperate rain forest.
Description of my animal: These owls can get 17-19 inches long.  They have wings & black feathers. They are brown with buff colored spots, the under parts are whitish. The owl's chest also has some brown color in it.

My animal eats: The owls hunt and eat rodents, insects, frogs, birds, small owls, hares, squirrels, mice, and toads.

Interesting facts about my animal:  Their habitat is being destroyed by logging.  Their wing span can be up to three feet.  The biggest problem for these owls is that they are losing their habitat.


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The Owl Who Didn't Listen

    Once there lived a owl who lived in Western North America in the wooded, temperate rain forest. There was a mom, her name was Owlet. Daddy's name was Pinky Owl because he always tried to do everything with one finger. Fearlet and Fearless were the two daughters. The son's name is Smarlet. Smarlet was always in trouble and Fearless and Fearlet tried to help him, but he didn’t always listen. Mrs. Owlet told Smarlet to go get mice, hares, toads, squirrels and rodents. She told him to watch out for BIG snakes and humans, those were their worst enemies. So he said, “ Okay.” He came back with all the food and didn’t get into any trouble.
             She told him that he could go outside and play with his friends but he had to stay out of trouble. Of course he said, “Okay.” Then Pinky, his dad came out and asked him why he was being mean to his sisters Fearlet and Fearless. He said, “he didn’t  know.” So of course Pinky got mad and sent him in the house, which is actually a tree. He got grounded for a month. He could only come outside to eat.  Now the daughters had to go hunt with their father.   There was a special big hunting day and Smarlet had been looking forward to this day since he was three years old.  He could not hunt on this special day because he was grounded.  He was furious.  His parents had started to let him come out of his tree to clean, but that was it! He didn’t want to clean the house. So he sat in his room all day. The next day,  Mrs. Owlet and Mr. Pinky had a talk to Smarlet about his behavior and he said he wouldn't do it again.  The parents agreed to unground Smarlet but he had to clean his room first. He was finally done cleaning his room, now he could go outside. When he went outside, his dad said he would have to keep his room clean and listen all the time and Smarlet said he would.  Finally, Smarlet got to go hunting. His dreams were coming true. Little did he know that Mom, Fearlet and Fearless were all going to the movies and Smarlet loved the movies.  Dad got home and they left to go hunting.  They all got home at the same time.  Smarlet said, "Where did you go?” They told him that they had went to the movies.  Smarlet loved to hunt but he wished he had went to the movies, too.  The next day the  family was watching the news and saw that a baby owl had been kidnapped.  Mrs. Owlet And Mr. Pinky told their little owls to say close by. They all said, “Okay.”   Smarlet did not listen and he wandered off. Fearlet and Fearless called the police and the police soon  found him.  His mom and dad lectured him for wandering off and he promised never to do it again.  Now, when the family goes out and eats icecream they stick together and Smarlet always listens!!!              
                                                            THE END    

The Lesson Bookmark


My Animal:  Binturong or sometimes called the Asian bear cat. Scientific name: Arcticts binturong           
Habitat: The binturong lives in the dense forests of Asia.
Description of my animal: It has thick black fur, long muscular tail, and long stiff white whiskers. They grow about 5ft. long in captivity and they live about 30 years. they smell like popcorn and/fritos
My animal eats: Small animals and fruit  
Interesting facts about my animal: They are nocturnal. They use scent marks to communicate with other binturongs and they weigh 9-14 kg. They can be found in Europe, southern Asia, East Indies, Africa, and Madigasgar Binturongs have been sometimes kept as pets. The fur is long and their coarse ears have long hairs on the back of the ears.  They have five toes on each foot. They have been known to follow their human like a dog.


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One day a young kitten named Lakeetah was looking for her grandfather when she saw him looking into the water talking to their ancestors.  She went over to him and said,"Stop talking to yourself and come play with me!”  Her grandfather looked at her and said,"I am paying respect to our family’s ancestors and you should to.”  Lakeetah looked puzzled and said,"I will not be foolish and talk to dead family members.  I have better things to do than that.”  Her grandfather looked disappointed and turned to head back to their house and left Lakeetah at the lake all by herself.  She sat down to preen herself when something splashed her.  She looked up and saw a binturong.  He was very big.  “Hello niece.”  She looked puzzled. "How can you be my uncle?  You look nothing like me!  I am a cat and you’re an it!”  “I am a binturong, part cat and bear.  That is how I am your uncle binturong.”  Lakeetah was shocked.  She just couldn’t believe it.  Uncle binturong could tell by the look on her face and said, “I can tell you a story about your ancestors and how I am your uncle.”
Lakeetah was all ears.  “It all began with a young and beautiful cat named Sandra.  She saw her grandfather talking to their ancestors.  She said,"Stop your foolishness, you’re embarrassing me!”   Lakeetah interrupted, “That sounds like me.”  Oh really?  Well after that Sandra went by a bush during the night when all of a sudden she knew she was lost.  “I can’t see, it’s too dark!”  “Open your eyes wider.  Then you can see better,”  said a strange voice.  She obeyed the command and it worked.  Sandra saw the bear.  “Who are you?”  “I am Paul the bear.  I will help you find your way in the dark.”
Sandra spent the whole night with Paul.  Paul showed her many wonders of the night, but she missed her day home.  So she went to go visit her grandfather.  She found him by a bush looking at the clouds.  “Psst, pssst.”  “Grand daughter?  Is that you?  I was looking for you, where have you been?”  “I was with Paul the bear, he is really nice.  If I want to come back home, but I would have to give up my night home.  It’s so hard to chose from.  both homes are beautiful but I have to chose one. I will go back and see what Paul wants to do.”  So Sandra went back.  When she went back Paul had something to tell her too.  “Paul, I need to talk to you.”  “I do too.”  Paul interrupted, “Will you marry me?”
Sandra was shocked.  She didn’t know what to say.  She thought about it and said yes.  Not long after, they had little ones and they were called the Asian bear cat or binturongs.

Snow Leopard and the Fly Bookmark

Endangered Animal Facts

My Animal: Snow leopard
Habitat:  The snow leopard live in Central Asia
Description:  They have a very long tail.  Snow Leopards are 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 feet long.   They can be grey, light yellow, tan or cream colored.
My animal eats: Sheep, goats and other small mammals.  Snow leopards are carnivores. 
interesting facts about my animal: When Snow Leopards sleep they wrap their long tails around them and it keeps them warm.   Snow Leopards like to live by themselves. Snow Leopards can jump 50 feet into the air.


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Snow Leopard & Fly

Once there was a snow leopard named Tommy. There was also a mischievous fly that does not deserve to have a name because he was mean!  He was known for playing jokes on people that were really rude.  One day Tommy finished watering his garden in his backyard and went on a little walk on the mountain.  He spotted a fly and they started talking and soon became friends.  Snow leopards usually like to live alone but Tommy thought it would be nice to have a friend.  In the beginning the mean fly was joking and didn't want to be Tommy's friend.  Tommy was not making up things at all because he really liked the fly and he was excited to have a new friend.  The fly started to play with Tommy and they got to know each other. The fly was so impressed with how nice Tommy the Snow Leopard was that he decided to really be Tommy's  friend.  The fly now understands the importance of friendship.                              


Respect the Wolf Bookmark

My Animal: Gray Wolf
Habitat: The gray wolf's habitat is in Alaska, Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin.  
Description of my animal: The gray wolf has strong jaws with sharp teeth.  Adults are about 4 1/2 feet long and weigh 80lbs.  They have thick fur and it is usually gray, brown, tan, black, and white.
My animal eats: The gray wolf eats meat.  
Interesting facts about my animal: The gray wolf can eat up to 20 lbs. at one meal.  The gray wolf eats mostly hoofed animals like elk, deer, moose, sheep, and bison. Wolves can travel up to 30 miles a day.  Gray wolves live in packs with up to 8-35 members.


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One day long, long ago there was a family of gray wolves.  There was a mom, Sylia, a dad, Domina, a little baby, Consatan, and a girl, Jesmere.  During this time, the gray wolves were threatened by extinction.  The family was living somewhere in Alaska.  It was during winter when the family was running low on food.  There father had been looking for food when his paw got caught in some kind of trap.  When he didn’t come home, Jesmere went out looking for him.  She  found him near a large boulder and helped him out of the trap.  He was badly hurt.  Jesmere had to help him back to the den.  It would take him the rest of the season to regain his strength and for his wound to heal.  The family was stuck in a big decision.  Mother couldn’t go hunting because she had to watch the baby .  They didn’t have enough food to last the winter so it was up to Jesmere to go hunting and find enough food for the family.  Was Jesmere ready to go hunting with only a few lessons from her father and not even being old enough? Jesmere had planned to go hunting tomorrow morning.  As she left, she said goodbye to her mother and father and to little baby Consatan.  It was her very first day of hunting by herself. At first she saw nothing but white snow and evergreen trees growing.  Suddenly she saw a rabbit hopping along the boulder.  She remembered what her father had taught her. Never rush up on the prey. Sneak up until you are as close to it as possible, then leap and chase after it. She snuck up on  the prey and leaped, but she didn’t get it.  She didn’t give up yet. She kept trying until she got it right.  Before the day was over, she had caught three rabbits.  She thought that was enough so she went home.  Her mother had split the three rabbits so everyone would get a piece of meat.  Her mother got one and so did her father. Her baby sister and her had to split one.  Her mother had warned her that sometimes she wouldn’t be as lucky to get enough food for them.  Her mother also warned her that sometimes she would need to kill larger prey for them all to be full.  The next morning wasn’t very good her whole body ached and she felt like she couldn’t go hunting but she had to.  Jesmere decided to go a different way this time to see if she could find something bigger for the whole family so she wouldn’t have to go out the next day.  She saw a heard of some kind of deer. She decided to see if there were any weak members of the group that weren’t very strong.  She only found one.  She waited until she was close enough to get it and to make sure it was far enough away from the group.  When everything was right, she jumped upon it and she killed it.  She was very proud of what she had done.  Then she realized that wasn’t going to be easy to get it back to the den.  She started home, dragging it up the steep hill.  When she finally got there, every muscle in her body hurt.  She couldn’t go the last two yards, so then she howled and howled until somebody came to help her.  Her mother came out to help her.  The family had a very nice meal.  There was still a little left.  Her mother decided to keep it for tomorrow.  Jesmere went to sleep early because she hurt so much.  She could barely crawl into bed.  In the morning, she slept in.  Her mother woke her up.  Jesmere thought she didn’t have to go out today because there was still some meat.  Her mother said that it wasn’t enough to have for dinner and that they needed more.  Jesmere was very angry and wished that her father was well again so he would have to do this.  Then she remembered that he had been doing this everyday without one complaint.  After a week or so her father was back on his feet and able to hunt again.  She planned on getting up every morning to help her father go hunting.  After this experience, Jesmere had a lot more respect for her father and her family.

Koala Kim Bookmark

Some Parts of Australia list Koalas as a vulnerable species

Animal Facts

My Animal:  Koala
Habitat: Australia
Description of my animal:  Their ears are small with long shaggy fur.  The fur is light grey to brown with white spots on their necks, chest, and ears.
My animal eats:  They eat eucalyptus leaves.
Interesting facts about my animal:  The koala gets up to two or three feet long.  They can weigh 10-30 pounds.  They have rough pads on their feet and hands.  They use their hands and feet for gripping the trees.They have small eyes and big noses.  Baby koalas live in their mother's pouch for 5-6 months until they are big enough to come out.


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                One day there was a  koala named Kim. She was always getting in trouble. Every night her parents told her to go to bed but all she did was play and make noise. When she finally got some sleep, her parents would wake her up at six in the morning for school. She was always falling asleep in class.  When it was time for a nap, she was up and playing. Then she got put in time-out.  She sat in the time-out chair, but she went ahead and kept on playing with toys and got in more trouble. This time her parents were called and they weren’t that happy with her. She got grounded from going outside for the rest of the day. Her parents took her home.  When she got there, she sat by the window thinking of what to do, and thinking about what she did that day. Then she said to herself  I’m going to change the way I act.  From that day forward she changed the way she was.  Kim the koala now get good grades and she doesnt play around during class.

Grizzly Bear Earns His Claws Bookmark

Endangered Animal Project:  Be the Voice

My Animal:  My Animal is the Grizzly Bear.
: The Grizzly Bear lives in the forest and prairies.
This animal is usually brown and ranges from 450 to 700 pounds. It has very sharp claws. 
The Grizzly Bear is an omnivore. It eats berries, roots, insects and it loves fish. It eats other small mammals and vegetation.  
Interesting facts:
It's claws are as long as a human finger. The Grizzly Bear is very big but can reach  speeds up to 30mph. Even though it is a big animal it can climb trees. It hibernates for three months so it eats a lot before it hibernates.

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How Did The Grizzly Bears Get There Claws  Long ago in the forest  there was a village of bears. The bears hated the magic fairy ruler because she wouldn't grant their one wish.   The bears wished to have claws so they could be better hunters.  The ruler wanted to retire so she didn't have to listen to the bears whine.   So  she thought of a plan to find the most honest bear in the village. She decided to hold a big contest and the whole village had to participate. The magic fairy held a big meeting and the whole village came, just like she had planned. She gave the whole village of bears one flower seed and told them in three months to bring this seed back. Whoever has a flower that is grander then this little daisy will win.  Not only will this person have whatever they wish, but they will also become the new king or queen. The bears thought that the task was going to be easy. Big Bear was a bear that always wanted to become king and here was his big chance. He was the first one to get a seed and he  put it in a pot and watered it as soon as he got home.  A couple of weeks went by and the flower hadn’t sprouted, which worried him.  A month and a half went by and nothing appeared!  He knew the ceremony was only a week away and he had nothing. He thought his dreams were lost. Big Bear didn’t want to go but he knew he had to go to the ceremony. It was ceremony time and he took his empty pot to the palace with tears in his eyes. Sarah asked if everyone had their pots with gorgeous flowers in them. Everyone but Big Bear showed their flowers to the magic fairy. Sarah looked at Big Bear and told him he was the new king.  Everyone was stunned and their mouths were wide open. “He doesn't even have a flower,” one of the shocked bears said. “It's just a pot of dirt,” another angry bear said!  The magic fairy ruler explained to everyone that Big Bear was the winner because he was the only one who did not cheat. I had a plan to find the most honest bear. I fried every last seed so it would not grow.  All of you must have bought or found your own seed because the seed I gave you would not grow.   Big Bear was the only one that did not lie. Therefore, Big Bear is your new king. The Magic Fairy asked  Big Bear what  he would like for his wish.  He said he wanted claws for all of the bears and everyone got claws!  Big Bear was noble and everyone got claws.  He was a very good king and everyone lived happily ever after.

Clumsy Feet Bookmark

Boa Constrictors

Clumsy Feet

Endangered Animal Facts

My Animal:  My animal is the Boa Constrictor.
Habitat: Hot tropical places
Description of my animal:  They are one of the biggest snakes.  They are not poisonous but they are still dangerous.
My animal eats: They can eat birds, small animals and reptiles.  Boas that are bigger can eat monkeys, pig or dear.
Interesting facts about my animal:  Boa constrictor are big.  They are very strong. They use their tongues to smell with. They can be found in trees and on the ground.


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Clumsy Feet

A long time ago boa constrictors always had lots of feet. They had exactly 8 feet, which made them very clumsy.  There was a clumsy boa constrictor named Bob and he was always tripping over his 8 feet.  There was a race and Red Wolf, Kiwi, and Bob were competing. Great Bear waved the flag and all the animals were off.   Kiwi and Red Wolf were doing great, but Bob got far behind. He kept getting his 8 feet tangled. He sat down and cried so hard he made a river. Mako shark, who was magical, suddenly appeared.  “I will grant you one wish,’’ he said.  Bob wondered for a minute, then he said, “I wish my 8 legs where gone.’’  POOF! They were gone.  Then Bob started on the race again.  he slithered so fast he caught up with Kiwi and Red Wolf.  Bob slithered up a tree and swung from a vine.  He jumped across the finish line and won the race.  Now he is was really fast and not clumsy!

Cheetah in the Jungle Bookmark


Endangered Animal Facts

My Animal: Cheetah
Habitat: Africa and Asia.
Description of my animal: Small head, orange eyes, long legs, long tail, with small black spots.  
My animal eats: Impalas, gazelles, rabbits, birds, and other small animals.
Two interesting facts about my animal: He can run up to 65 miles per hour in short bursts when he is hunting. He has a leaner body and he has been referred as the grayhound of the cats.


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Cheetah in the Jungle

Once a upon a time there was a cheetah who lived in a jungle.  He had a small head, orange eyes, long legs, long tail, and tawny brown fur with small black spots.  He liked to eat small animals, like gazelles, rabbits, birds, and other small animals.  He lived in Africa and he was one of the fastest animal in all of the world.  He could run 65 miles per hour in short bursts when they were hunting. He went to Asia and he found a woman cheetah and they had babies. They had a boy name Bili.

The End