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Learn About A Christmas Carol: Read about this popular piece that was published in 1843

Extension: Create a presentation about what you have learned!

Learn All About Charles Dickens There are many categories to choose from! Kids get ready to learn about Charles Dickens!!!

Extension: Read the Chronology of Charles Dickens. Then create a timeline about important events that occurred during Charles Dickens' life.

Extension: Read about Dickens' homes and create a mobile which features visual representations of your favorite homes. Be sure to include written information for each home that you choose!

Victorian Fun and Games: Learn about the games that were played during Victorian times.

Extension: After you learn about these Victorian games, invent your own game or activity that might have been played during this time period.


Look at the illustration closely. Use a graphic organizer to compare the now and then photographs. Try to find differences and similarities between these two children.

Venn Diagram Generator: Go to this website to create an online Venn Diagram. 

Victorian Paper Dolls Go this website and dress a Victorian Doll. You must dress her in the right order or she will not cooperate!
Smackers Dress up Dolls Go to this website and complete paperdoll activities for present day kids.

Present Day Paper Doll Templates Try out these templates!!!

After you visit these sites, create your own Victorian and present day paper dolls. Create outfits that they would have worn during the time period.