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Mrs. Abdouch and Mrs. Buda guided students as they completed jigsaw research using a shared SWAY. Students learned about the Anasazi and the Cahokians during this unit and were challenged to create a sculpture or structure that would represent an imaginary culture that they created. They needed to think about how their culture might be able to contribute to current day society 100 years from now. Student projects can be viewed below.  (For additional details, please visit the OneNote Notebook on my page)

Principal Mr. Schmidt Visits Our Maker's Space!


Students Create sculptures or structures for an imagined culture that will benefit the world 100
years from now!

Students named their imagination culture and explained how it was put together.  They had to describe how the structure or sculpture and the environment
created fits into your culture. What is the purpose of the structure or sculpture and the environment.  Who would use the environment or interact with it? Explain any other unique connections between your creation and culture.

  Libian Culture
     My creation is made of toothpicks, paper, glue, foil, model magic, popsicle sticks, fabric tape, sharpie, & I put it together to look like a house with a baby

Room & a family room.

     My sculpture has 2 beds & a heater made out of a pot & coal so it can be used as a house for people who don’t have a home. The house is part of the Libian Culture named after its founder Libby R.

     In the future my creation will help the people of my culture & others have a safe & enjoyable place to live.


 Hooga Looga Googa Boogians


In my creation I have craft sticks, paperclips, twisty wire, wood shapes, pipe cleaners, model magic, stickers, rubber bands and paper. I made a tepee with foil, craft sticks and model magic.  I decorated it with beads, sequins and twisty wire.  I also made trees out of pipe cleaners. On the side I made a fireplace with buttons and foam stickers.

My culture has trees which turns into wood for fires and it also turns into houses and tepees. My tribe is very decorated and that is why everything is very colorful and decorated.

A hundred years from now my culture's contribution would be an ancient plant used during their time.  The plant would cure cancer.  The cancer would stop as soon as you ate it and it would taste good!  This is unlike most medicines we take in current day society.


Glassamixes Forest

For my project I took model magic and paper squares to make bases. Then I took wire and pipe cleaners and put it in my project. I also added shapes and beads with stickers and put it on the bases.  

My structure includes different machines that help people lose weight and be healthier.  It fits in with my culture because a lot of people want to get fit.  I think my machines will help a lot of people reach their goals. 

One hundred from now I think the community that I created will help people do even more.  This will be the starting point for even more advanced machines.  These machines will help people lose weight and stay in shape.  Workoutopolis will become the future of fitness.

My creation is made of stickers, pipe cleaners, wire, a plastic cup, duct tape, beads, shells, tinfoil, a sequin, a mosaic tile, wooden shapes, and buttons and stickers. I put it together by twisting, gluing, using stickers to stick down, and model magic.

  Structure fits in my environment because it has trees and other things like trees and bushes. The purpose of my sculpture was to someday have a forest as magical as my sculpture. People would use it to cast miricals. My culture would use any which way language. (I made it up) My country would have spider owls. My country will be credited for all wonderful magic.


My creation is part of the perimeter guard for the culture of the Chakooky.  It has a perimeter of staffs poking out of the ground.  The scene continues around the village so that they are protected from their enemies and other animals.  The enemy is the Pickle culture.  The war started when the frenemies argued over who grew the best cucumbers and made the best pickles. A Pickleman struck down a Chakooky with an arrowhead. The arrowhead made history because it was so accurate and poisonous.  The Pickles later surrendered and later admitted that the Chakooky had the best vegetables. The arrowheads used were adapted and used in the line of Defense to protect people and keep them safe.