Playing games in the classroom not only engages and excites students but also encourages students to work at a higher level.  This is a resource that teachers and parents can utilize to train your cognitive skills, which include auditory processing, deductive reasoning, executive processing, problem solving and more. There are many games on this list and some of our favorites are Math Dice, Mastermind, Sequence and Rush Hour.  Download this resource to have an extensive list available for your use


CogAT is a test given to students that meaures their reasoning skills which helps to identify gifted students. The CogAT is an ability test that tests students in three areas, which include verbal, nonverbal and quantitative.  The CogAT7 was created as an updated version to identify additional ELL students and primary students. 

Listed below are links that provide additional information about the CogAT.

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Hoagies:  An informative website to learn about a multitude of topics in the area of gifted education.

Davidson Institute:  A nonprofit organization that promotes talent development.

Belin-Blank Center is a organization that provides opportunities and resources for gifted students everywhere.