I am thrilled to be back again this year to work with your is truly an honor!  In 1977, my educational career began in Special Education, with an emphasis in Learning Disabilities and Emotional Disorders.  Ten years later, it moved to Gifted Education.  I have had the opportunity to work with the entire process of gifted...district implementation, programming, and evaluation, as facilitator, grant director, and instructor from kindergarten through graduate college.  I have a penchant for art which includes an art degree from University of Iowa, awarded along with my Elementary Education degree in 1974.  Special Education Masters degree came in 1980, again from U of I.  In 1987, I was offered a position in gifted education and completed my Ed. Specialist degree in Gifted Education from University of Connecticut in 1992.

I love to travel, search for shells on beaches, garden and live life to the fullest!