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Hello! I am delighted to be part of Omaha Public Schools and working with talented and gifted youth. The students I have the privilege to work with are going to be the nation’s future leaders and I am honored to spend time watching them absorb information and implement what they know into projects designed to challenge them. 

I am originally from Chicago, went to Kansas University for a BA in English Literature, BSE in Education and have a performing arts background. I have performed a lot in community theater and love singing. I was formerly a high school teacher in Michigan, I am part of a band that plays Irish traditional music and I sing and play the Irish fiddle.

I enjoy traveling and as a freshly graduated college student, spent half a year studying and living in Ireland with relatives who became close family to me. I gained so much from this experience, it changed how I approached life and the big questions. I most recently wrote a memoir to document this part of my life and simultaneously received my MFA from University of Omaha.

I live with my husband, four children and Labrador retriever named Guinness in Omaha, Nebraska.