My name is Beth O’Hanlon and I am the gifted facilitator for your school. I love working with students and strive to build thinking skills that will benefit them well into the future.  I’ve taught for many years, starting with K-12 art and then on to college level art history classes. My love for art is only matched by my love for gifted education.  I have a Masters in Gifted Education and certified to teach K-12 gifted and K-12 art.

My students learn the importance of building knowledge and learning new approaches they can use going into middle school. In class we work on both areas of strengths and weakness, with lessons that highlight our curriculum frame of problem solving, inquiry, creativity and critical thinking. Lessons include math, reading, science and many subjects that overlap such as creative problem solving, engineering and greek and latin roots.  Our class motto is to honor, and build on, what you have to offer and respect the input of others.Please feel free to contact me with questions or to collaborate on your student’s progress.

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