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Office of Gifted and Talented Education Mission
The staff of the Office of Gifted and Talented Education strives to identify gifted and exceptionally talented students within the Omaha Public Schools, nurture their social/emotional development and enhance their curriculum experience so that these unique individuals may reach their fullest potential.

Office of Gifted and Talented Education Beliefs

We believe our students…
• are found in the areas of intellectual ability, academics, creativity, performing/visual arts, and leadership.
• are found in all cultures.
• include students with learning disabilities (twice-exceptional [2E]).

Gifted and Talented students have the right to…
… learn something new everyday
… not be gifted in everything
… feel proud of their accomplishments
… be passionate about their talents
… be educated about their abilities and talents
… interact with like ability peers
… be stimulated with rigorous and challenging instruction.